An alternative recipe storytelling through a service that
connects people to real chefs via WhatsApp.

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The Challenge

Hellmann's wanted to inspire new uses of mayonnaise as a cooking ingredient.
But even with thousands of ways to learn new recipes, most people don't know what to cook with the ingredients they already have.

The Idea

A solution that was already in everyone’s hands. A one to one, real time service via WhatsApp* that connected people to real chefs, who were prepared to teach how to cook using exactly what people had at home.

*the most used mobile app in Brazil present in 79% of smartphones.

How it Works

People gave their numbers on our website, and real chefs got in touch with them. Then, just by the snap of a picture of their refrigerator, the chefs came up with a delicious new recipe with Hellmann’s and taught the users how to cook using pictures, videos and other WhatsApp native options.

The results

Firstly launched in Brazil, the project was rolled
out to Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

"Could Hellmann's be the first brand to nail WhatsApp with some neat service design?"

Will Samson — Contagious